Herria Normalizados is a distributor of standardised elements for injection, bar cutting and stamping moulds and matrices

Standardised components

We always work with top brands to offer you a high-end component. At Herria, we have been working with standardised components for decades, both for moulds and for matrices and dies.

In addition to providing standardised elements, our technical office is at your disposal to offer guidance at all times on the best solutions for your company. What do you need?

We have over 35,000 standardised parts for moulds available in our warehouse. They range from a full stock of limit screws, ejectors, columns, bushings, etc., to the ancillary tools necessary for manufacture polishing and transport.

ISO punches manufactured by Dayton DIN9861 and DIN8020


Are you looking for quality punches? At Herria, we offer you our ISO punches manufactured by Dayton at its French branch. We can supply both DIN9861 and DIN8020, from 1mm to 20mm, in 1mm increments.

We work with 2 steel qualities, so you can both work and modify parts with no problems: MECA - MJ INDUSTRIES - DAYTON have made progress together in their industrial growth story with us. Since we know how they work, why change?

HIDROSTOCK cylinders

We are distributors in the northern region of the HIDROSTOCK brand. They have been selling equipment, accessories and pneumatic and oil-hydraulic replacements since 1977. Throughout this extensive period, their main objective has been to offer all our clients a quality product and service and guarantee, founded on progressive, ongoing improvement in all aspects of the organisation. A result of this improvement was obtaining the Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008. On a daily basis, the efforts of the organisation's staff are focused on obtaining the satisfaction and progressive loyalty of our clients, by means of offering a product of extremely high quality.

Equipment, accessories and pneumatic and oil-hydraulic replacements manufactured by Hidrostock