Herria Normalizados is a distributor of standardised elements for injection, bar cutting and stamping moulds and matrices

Tradition, experience and quality

Over six decades as a distributor of standardised elements for moulds and matrices

Herria Normalizados is the official distributor for Rabourdin, Hidrostock, Dayton punches, Magafor tools and Euromac

Standardised elements for moulds and matrices

At Herria, we sell standardised components for moulds and matrices. Our speciality lies in supplying standard elements for injection, bar cutting and stamping moulds. Over 60 years in the sector endorse our experience.

Our commitment to the quality of our products is the main principle underlying our activity. We only work with top-rate world brands to guarantee both the raw material and the manufacturing process and control for the end product.

Standardised for moulds

We have been the official distributors for over 50 years of the following products:

We also have our own line of hard metal milling cutters at an unbeatable price.


Our activity in the sector is related to distribution of "Rabourdin" products, manufactured in France. This brand has been working for 90 years on manufacturing standardised components for moulds. Every day, they improve the quality of their products to tackle the intrusion of unreliable elements that have invaded the market over the past few years. Rabourdin ejectors are the best example of excellence in comparison with their Asian competitors.

We would like to highlight their star product: "Limit screw or limit, reference 1021”, which we can immediately supply from our warehouse. Rabourdin still has its classic line of columns and bushings, but it is also working on incorporating new technical products. Over the past few years, its catalogue has increased with articles to complement its line, all without sacrificing quality.

It is also important to highlight the company's concern for improving mould productivity. To this end, it has developed new unique and exclusive treatments which, when applied to standardised elements, extend their durability. This means production need not be halted, which translates to great savings for the injector.

Herria Normalizados is Rabourdin's official distributor in Spain

A brand such as Rabourdin guarantees the product we sell, always focused on quality, our name and our history, all brought together under the Rabourdin brand. This is the reason we continue to be competitive in the sector.

Rabourdin's hot chambers are another product that stands out thanks to the great price-quality ratio. As this product is so technical, Rabourdin takes special care with it.