Herria Normalizados is a distributor of standardised elements for injection, bar cutting and stamping moulds and matrices

We are Herria

To speak of Herria is to speak of tradition, experience, and especially, quality. Over six decades in the sector back up our work in the standardised mould, matrix and die component sector. We take utmost care when selecting the brands with which we work, always seeking to work with specialised brands.

Distributor of standardised components and ancillary products


Our quality commitment has been a maxim in our history as distributor of standardised components and ancillary products. One of our standards is always working with specialised brands with a technical product that brings added value. Although we have a wide selection of suppliers, we always guarantee quality in the components we provide.

Just like our components, at Herria, we also take the utmost care with the quality of our service. We provide you with a team of highly experienced professionals. They can help you through our technical office, always guaranteeing a service with customised consulting.

Our brands

Our investment in always providing quality components is fundamentally linked to careful selection of the brands with which we work. We are Rabourdin's official distributor in Spain, which means we can guarantee distribution of top-rate components.

If you are looking for hydraulic cylinders, Herria is Hydrostock's official distributor in Gipuzkoa, Biscay, Alava, Nafarroa and Zaragoza. Besides providing their products, we also offer maintenance and repair. Since we are Dayton's official distributor in Spain, we have an extremely vast stock of ISO punches with two different lengths and qualities. We are also Euromac's official distributor in Spain.

Our history

In the more than six decades we have been working as distributor standardised elements for moulds and matrices, the solvency, quality of our products and close relationship with our clients have acted as the essential foundation underlying our success. Our beginnings in machine tools evolved into the mould sector, where we are a versatile company.

Herria's history is closely linked to Rabourdin. We have been Rabourdin's official distributor in Spain for decades, which makes us a benchmark in the sector for standardised components for moulds. A heritage company in France such as Rabourdin means that we can offer our clients top-quality solutions for components such as ejectors and hot chambers. Beginning 20 years ago, we incorporated a part grinding service to improve and complete the service we offer you.